St. Thomas families have enjoyed having an excellent hot lunch program in the past, so we are pleased to offer hot lunches for first semester of the 2009-10 school year.

The menu has changed slightly from last year's. For items offered at each lunch, please see the attached order sheets. Note that drinks are now included in the basic lunch price (extra drinks can still be ordered ala carte). The lunches are:

1. Monical's Pizza Meal (Monical's in Tolono)
2. Beef Tips and Noodles Meal (Philo Tavern)
3. Burger Meal (Philo Tavern)
4. Chicken Strips with Mac 'n' Cheese (Philo Tavern)

5. Spaghetti Meal (Philo Tavern)

6. Pulled Pork Sandwich Meal (Philo Tavern)

Order Forms
Please complete one form per child for each lunch (if your child does not wish to eat a certain lunch please just circle “no” on that lunch form and send it back to school with the other forms). Important: please discuss the hot lunch menus with your child, being sure to order enough food for each meal. We will not be able to make meal changes after August 8. Please return the forms to the school by AUGUST 10. Late forms and payments will not be accepted.   We write vendor contracts and create 800 meal cards the second week in August and cannot honor late requests.

You can pay for your child’s lunches all at once, or you can make two payments. The first payment will be due (with the lunch order forms) to the school office by AUGUST 10, and the second payment is due October 19. If you have multiple children in school, you can pay for all of their lunches with one check.

It is important that we have the money collected before we start serving lunches because we are only charging families our costs for the food, tableware, and condiments. This is not a moneymaking
endeavor, only a break-even benefit for our students.
If you have any questions concerning the hot lunches, payments, or the information in this packet, please contact one of the members of our hot lunch committee shown on this page.

Thank you for allowing us to offer these lunches to your children.







Lois Happ
Menus and Vendor Coordinator

Tracy Grimm
Supplies and Payments Coordinator

Bridgett Bollman

Laura Manrique

Lunch Crew Coordinators